New! Special Social Networking Muslims

This time Meiga want to share to friends about a new social networking, this one specifically for Muslims! Let’s walk to>

The first time I clicked it, I was immediately treated by a calm color of green leaves and articles from the profiles of the user who are should definitely “all Muslims”.

Interestingly, in this, not just socializing with fellow Muslims are enhanced, but also available space for sharing the article here. These articles located in our blog, so once you sign up-we-get social networking accounts and also blog. Cool begete deh!

Eits, wait a minute. The menus contained in RuangMuslim also very different from other social networks. Let’s see in facebook, if the menus at the top of the header that>> Home, Profile, etc.. Another case with RuangMuslim that the menus in the form>>

Feature is supported by Google Maps application from Google

1. Alquran

Features the most appropriate if we wish to study the Quran more deeply

2. Magazine

This is the place where the articles collected

3. Forum

Here where we gather in one forum.

Interested? Join and feel the joy of ukhuwah Islamiah by clicking on the Sign Up RuangMuslim

Iklan | Social Network Who Give Us Gift

Have you heard about Hmm .. I’m definitely sure that you haven’t heard about ? Well, Socints is a social network, similar to Facebook and Twitter where we can interact virtually with other people. But Socints have differences. Socints will give points to each of its members who are always active. Points are collected and if it reaches a certain limit can be redeemed for attractive gifts, salahs only Apple Ipad. Or it could be exchanged for cash through Paypal or Alertpay. The points that we get by:

Sign in = 5 points

Update status = 3 points

Update mood = 2 points

Send a message to another member socints = 5 points

Commenting on the profiles of other socints = 5 points

Join in the chat room = 5 points

Creating a topic = 3 points

Commenting on the topic of other people = 2 points

Join the group = 3 points

Creating a poll = 3 points

Commenting on the poll other people = 2 points

Doing rating = 5 points

Upload music = 5 points

MyLife = 3 points

Commenting MyLife = 2 points

Commenting on the event = 3 points

Upload a video on Laugh = 5 points

Upload news = 5 points

Play games “Socints Life” = 100 points

Changing themes = 200 points

Creating background = 200 points

And 100 points going into our account if there are people who sign up through our referral link. You know what a referral link? Referral link is the link / address that we can use to invite people. The format itself referral link is:

Referral link can also be a banner. Banner that later can we put on the website / blog that we have.

So how do I get a prize?

In socints, prizes were given terms Rewards. Rewards can be achieved provided that we have sufficient points. Each Rewards has a different point. Here’s a list of rewards: (not all shown)

1. Cash $ 10 to your paypal / alertpay, need at least 300 points

2. Apple Ipod Shuffle 4GB, need 500 points

3. Cash $ 25 to paypal account, need 600 points

4. Apple Ipod Nano 8GB, requires 1000 points

Cool-cool prize, right? Although just a little but it was a lot of tables that can. And this does not seem Socints SCAM, not a fraudster intent. So join aja by clicking here under my referral. Fortunately loh join under my referral, because I also will assist you in the Promotion link, either on facebook, twitter, or in my other blogs.

How to Make a Free BLog

Although it is already too many blogs that provide a similar article, but Meiga think this article is still eligible to be appointed. Plus Meiga who really want to fill this blog post in detail about the ins and outs of blogging from initial manufacture to the level of hard (ie: make the template itself). Here Meiga give the site a list of free blog providers:

1. Blogger

2. WordPress

3. Multiply

4. Xanga

5. Blogdetik (Indonesia)

6. Blogsome

7. Dagdigdug (Indonesia)

But this time Meiga just discussed creating a blog on Blogger, WordPress and Multiply.

Select a tutorial making blog:

1. In blogger

2. In wordpress

3. In Multiply

Make Free Blog in Blogger

* Blogger *

To create a blog in blogger, you must have a Gmail account. How the list of Gmail:

1. Click here

2. Click Create an account now under the sign in box

3. Fill in the registration which includes:

a. Your current email address: fill in the email address you want

b. Choose a password: fill with strong passwords

c. Re-enter password: reset password (do not use copy paste facility)

d. Location: select the country where you live

e. Birthday: your birth date in the format HH / BB / YYYY

f. Word Verification: enter the characters you see in the picture

4. Click I accept. Create my account

5. Choose how to verification, I suggest that select Text Message

6. Select the country where you live, and enter your phone number

7. A few moments later will go to SMS to your cell phone containing the verification code

8. Enter the verification code and get your account is active

Then you can simply create a blog on Blogger, the steps:

1. Click here for immediate access to the Blogger homepage.

2. Then click on Start at the bottom of the box sign in.

3. Fill out all registration fields that include:

a. Email address: fill in your Gmail email address is valid

b. Retype email address: enter your Gmail email address again

c. Enter a password: type the password you want

d. Retype password: re-type your password

e. Display name: fill in words that describe your blog briefly, for example: All About the Internet, Money Online, Blog Inis Meiga, etc.

f. Birthdays: enter your birth date in the format YYYY / BB / HH

g. Verification word: type the characters you see in the picture

4. Click the small box “I Accept the Terms of Service”

5. Click Continue

6. Choose a template for your blog, click Continue

7. YOUR BLOG HAS BEEN CREATED! Then click on: Start Blogging

You will be directly served compose box, you can post anything up to you.

Make Free Blog in WordPress

* WordPresss *

To create a blog on WordPress, you do not need to create a Gmail account. Yahoo! account alone is able to create a blog on WordPress. The steps are:

1. Click here

2. Click Sign-up

3. Fill in the fields of registration, which includes:

a. Username: fill in your desired blog name (must be lowercase and at least 4 letters)

b. Password: fill in your desired password

c. Confirm: reset your password

d. Email address: fill in your email address

e. Legal flotscam: put a tick in the box provided as a sign of “agree” with the agreement

f. Put a tick on the menu Gimme a blog

g. Click Next

h. Blog title: fill in your desired blog title

i. Language: select language Your Blog

j. Privacy: tick tick to agree with the rules on WordPress

k. Click Sign Up

l. Check the message from WordPress in your email, then click the link provided (the link function for the activation of your account)

Your account is now finished! You can instantly post, change templates, etc..

Make Free Blog in Multiply

* Multiply *

Just like WordPress, we do not need a Gmail account to create a blog on Multiply.

1. Open Multiply site by clicking here

2. Click the Register that are at the top

3. Fill in the registration that include,

a. User Id: Your blog address

b. Password: enter your password

c. First name: enter your first name

d. Last name: enter your last name

e. Email address: type in your valid email address

f. Date of birth: select the date, month and year of your birth

g. Gender: select your gender

h. Verification: type the characters you the picture