How to Make a Free BLog

Although it is already too many blogs that provide a similar article, but Meiga think this article is still eligible to be appointed. Plus Meiga who really want to fill this blog post in detail about the ins and outs of blogging from initial manufacture to the level of hard (ie: make the template itself). Here Meiga give the site a list of free blog providers:

1. Blogger

2. WordPress

3. Multiply

4. Xanga

5. Blogdetik (Indonesia)

6. Blogsome

7. Dagdigdug (Indonesia)

But this time Meiga just discussed creating a blog on Blogger, WordPress and Multiply.

Select a tutorial making blog:

1. In blogger

2. In wordpress

3. In Multiply


About inismeiga

My real name is Khairunisa Sinulingga. But just call me Meiga. I'm still 13. My school is SMPN 1 Binjai. Not long time again I will graduate from that school. Well, nice to see you :) Lihat semua pos milik inismeiga

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