Make Free Blog in Blogger

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To create a blog in blogger, you must have a Gmail account. How the list of Gmail:

1. Click here

2. Click Create an account now under the sign in box

3. Fill in the registration which includes:

a. Your current email address: fill in the email address you want

b. Choose a password: fill with strong passwords

c. Re-enter password: reset password (do not use copy paste facility)

d. Location: select the country where you live

e. Birthday: your birth date in the format HH / BB / YYYY

f. Word Verification: enter the characters you see in the picture

4. Click I accept. Create my account

5. Choose how to verification, I suggest that select Text Message

6. Select the country where you live, and enter your phone number

7. A few moments later will go to SMS to your cell phone containing the verification code

8. Enter the verification code and get your account is active

Then you can simply create a blog on Blogger, the steps:

1. Click here for immediate access to the Blogger homepage.

2. Then click on Start at the bottom of the box sign in.

3. Fill out all registration fields that include:

a. Email address: fill in your Gmail email address is valid

b. Retype email address: enter your Gmail email address again

c. Enter a password: type the password you want

d. Retype password: re-type your password

e. Display name: fill in words that describe your blog briefly, for example: All About the Internet, Money Online, Blog Inis Meiga, etc.

f. Birthdays: enter your birth date in the format YYYY / BB / HH

g. Verification word: type the characters you see in the picture

4. Click the small box “I Accept the Terms of Service”

5. Click Continue

6. Choose a template for your blog, click Continue

7. YOUR BLOG HAS BEEN CREATED! Then click on: Start Blogging

You will be directly served compose box, you can post anything up to you.

About inismeiga

My real name is Khairunisa Sinulingga. But just call me Meiga. I'm still 13. My school is SMPN 1 Binjai. Not long time again I will graduate from that school. Well, nice to see you :) Lihat semua pos milik inismeiga

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