Make Free Blog in WordPress

* WordPresss *

To create a blog on WordPress, you do not need to create a Gmail account. Yahoo! account alone is able to create a blog on WordPress. The steps are:

1. Click here

2. Click Sign-up

3. Fill in the fields of registration, which includes:

a. Username: fill in your desired blog name (must be lowercase and at least 4 letters)

b. Password: fill in your desired password

c. Confirm: reset your password

d. Email address: fill in your email address

e. Legal flotscam: put a tick in the box provided as a sign of “agree” with the agreement

f. Put a tick on the menu Gimme a blog

g. Click Next

h. Blog title: fill in your desired blog title

i. Language: select language Your Blog

j. Privacy: tick tick to agree with the rules on WordPress

k. Click Sign Up

l. Check the message from WordPress in your email, then click the link provided (the link function for the activation of your account)

Your account is now finished! You can instantly post, change templates, etc..


About inismeiga

My real name is Khairunisa Sinulingga. But just call me Meiga. I'm still 13. My school is SMPN 1 Binjai. Not long time again I will graduate from that school. Well, nice to see you :) Lihat semua pos milik inismeiga

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