New! Special Social Networking Muslims

This time Meiga want to share to friends about a new social networking, this one specifically for Muslims! Let’s walk to>

The first time I clicked it, I was immediately treated by a calm color of green leaves and articles from the profiles of the user who are should definitely “all Muslims”.

Interestingly, in this, not just socializing with fellow Muslims are enhanced, but also available space for sharing the article here. These articles located in our blog, so once you sign up-we-get social networking accounts and also blog. Cool begete deh!

Eits, wait a minute. The menus contained in RuangMuslim also very different from other social networks. Let’s see in facebook, if the menus at the top of the header that>> Home, Profile, etc.. Another case with RuangMuslim that the menus in the form>>

Feature is supported by Google Maps application from Google

1. Alquran

Features the most appropriate if we wish to study the Quran more deeply

2. Magazine

This is the place where the articles collected

3. Forum

Here where we gather in one forum.

Interested? Join and feel the joy of ukhuwah Islamiah by clicking on the Sign Up RuangMuslim

About inismeiga

My real name is Khairunisa Sinulingga. But just call me Meiga. I'm still 13. My school is SMPN 1 Binjai. Not long time again I will graduate from that school. Well, nice to see you :) Lihat semua pos milik inismeiga

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