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Have you heard about Hmm .. I’m definitely sure that you haven’t heard about ? Well, Socints is a social network, similar to Facebook and Twitter where we can interact virtually with other people. But Socints have differences. Socints will give points to each of its members who are always active. Points are collected and if it reaches a certain limit can be redeemed for attractive gifts, salahs only Apple Ipad. Or it could be exchanged for cash through Paypal or Alertpay. The points that we get by:

Sign in = 5 points

Update status = 3 points

Update mood = 2 points

Send a message to another member socints = 5 points

Commenting on the profiles of other socints = 5 points

Join in the chat room = 5 points

Creating a topic = 3 points

Commenting on the topic of other people = 2 points

Join the group = 3 points

Creating a poll = 3 points

Commenting on the poll other people = 2 points

Doing rating = 5 points

Upload music = 5 points

MyLife = 3 points

Commenting MyLife = 2 points

Commenting on the event = 3 points

Upload a video on Laugh = 5 points

Upload news = 5 points

Play games “Socints Life” = 100 points

Changing themes = 200 points

Creating background = 200 points

And 100 points going into our account if there are people who sign up through our referral link. You know what a referral link? Referral link is the link / address that we can use to invite people. The format itself referral link is:

Referral link can also be a banner. Banner that later can we put on the website / blog that we have.

So how do I get a prize?

In socints, prizes were given terms Rewards. Rewards can be achieved provided that we have sufficient points. Each Rewards has a different point. Here’s a list of rewards: (not all shown)

1. Cash $ 10 to your paypal / alertpay, need at least 300 points

2. Apple Ipod Shuffle 4GB, need 500 points

3. Cash $ 25 to paypal account, need 600 points

4. Apple Ipod Nano 8GB, requires 1000 points

Cool-cool prize, right? Although just a little but it was a lot of tables that can. And this does not seem Socints SCAM, not a fraudster intent. So join aja by clicking here under my referral. Fortunately loh join under my referral, because I also will assist you in the Promotion link, either on facebook, twitter, or in my other blogs.

About inismeiga

My real name is Khairunisa Sinulingga. But just call me Meiga. I'm still 13. My school is SMPN 1 Binjai. Not long time again I will graduate from that school. Well, nice to see you :) Lihat semua pos milik inismeiga

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